The Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce has developed four committees to address the various areas of concern in our business community.  Members are invited to participate in the activities of any of these committees, and encouraged to serve on those committees whose activities most mirror your concerns.

Design and Infrastructure Committee

The appearance of a community gives visitors an immediate impression of the area, for better or worse.  It the area well-lit, clean, attractive and welcoming?  Or does litter, poor or non-functioning lighting, poor signage, poorly maintained streets, graffiti, and other visual cues discourage potential customers from our community?  The Design and Infrastructure Committee concentrates on these issues and seeks ways to improve areas of deficit.  The committee seeks out existing city, county, state or federal programs to improve the appearance of the community, and coordinates efforts by local merchants to improve the look of their commercial area or to “dress it up” during special events.

Economic Development Committee

How do we support the current business community in Mira Mesa? And how do we attract new businesses to provide needed services? The Economic Development Committee concentrates on these issues and other community issues that contribute to making a community more attractive to business, such as infrastructure, safety, education, and health care.  The committee develops programs to educate and assist existing businesses, identifies needed businesses and seeks ways to attract them to our community, and interacts with government officials regarding public policy and programs to improve the community in which they do business.

Marketing and Promotions Committee

Attracting customers to our local businesses, and promoting tourism in our community, is the focus of the Marketing and Promotions Committee.  The committee seeks to create promotional events that highlight local businesses or industries, coordinate with local tourism officials to offer special events during peak tourism times, and utilize existing programs to promote our community.

Organizational Committee

The Organizational Committee takes on the business tasks of the Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce.  The members of the board of directors, chairmen of the other Chamber committees, and other volunteers make up the committee.  Tasks of the committee include: membership outreach and program building, including the Ambassadors program; building partnerships with other groups and stakeholders in the commercial areas; outreach to city/county/state agencies; and representing the Mira Mesa Chamber of Commerce and its position on issues in public forums and governmental meetings.